Two get on a train

My first trip on a train in over 18 months thanks to the pandemic, lockdowns, and the rules on travelling by public transport. Sadly, it wasn’t on this beauty (above), just an ‘ordinary’ train to Carlisle, but it was still wonderful to have that freedom and it’s an amazingly scenic route over the (approx) 1,000 … More Two get on a train

In praise of parks

On Monday we took the afternoon off and drove over to Morecambe. We’d explored the promenade pretty thoroughly on our last couple of visits, so for a complete change we headed to the northern suburb of Bare and mooched round that. What we found was a real blast from the past, with small, old-fashioned shops … More In praise of parks

Two go Japanese

Another first – this one our first trip to an exhibition in months. It was showing at Blackwell, a wonderful arts-and-crafts style house not far from us, and centred on the way Japanese art and culture inspired the arts-and-crafts movement in the UK – and vice versa. There were some amazing exhibits including ceramics from … More Two go Japanese

Two go to an event

This title doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? But actually, it was a lot more special than it sounds – because this was the first event we’d been to in almost two years, thanks to the pandemic. The event was a cut-down, socially responsible and completely outdoor version of CountryFest, a nice “fayre” held on … More Two go to an event

Roman mosaic surprise

The Roman villa at Chedworth in Gloucestershire is an amazing place to visit with substantial foundations and an array of mosaics, some still in situ within the original house walls. And now it’s even more amazing, because Carbon-14 dating has revealed one of those mosaics, in Room 28, is much later than experts believed possible. … More Roman mosaic surprise