Echoes of Blood on Kindle Unlimited

The main news today is that I finally got off my behind and enrolled Echoes of Blood onto Kindle Unlimited. This means that for anyone subscribed to the KU service, the book is now available completely free! I've been meaning to do it since I first published the book but the whole self-publishing process was... Continue Reading →

Ghost story with a difference

The movie I Still See You seems to have had some awful reviews online. We thought we'd give it a go anyway, and we're really glad we did. It wasn't perfect (leap years*) but it was an original take on the traditional ghost story, with people who died when a secret government laboratory blew up... Continue Reading →

Cumbrian corpse roads

I've been forgetting to mention that I finished this book recently and loved it. It's a wonderful collection of walks, history, folklore, maps, ghost stories, and pretty pictures of the Cumbrian countryside, and will appeal to anyone who enjoys any of those things. Most of all it's a delightful potter through some of the lesser... Continue Reading →

Two have a mooch by a lake

Just before things got weird over this Corona-virus thing, we managed a brief trip to Coniston on a rare sunny morning and had a nice walk down to the lake shore. The lake levels had obviously been very high and there was work going on to manage some erosion of the shore, but the footpath... Continue Reading →

Beatles magic piano sketches

There's a fun piece on the BBC website today about some sketches for the artwork on the piano used by Paul McCartney in the film A Magical Mystery Tour. The sketches, found in a skip near Manchester, are typical 1960s 'pop art' and the designs were eventually painted onto the piano for the film. They'veĀ ... Continue Reading →

Vampires, coffins and… dustbins?

Just popping in to mention that I've added my vampire flash fiction This Life Sucks to the Free Stuff page on my website. The story, which was originally published by Pill Hill Press, was inspired by a real-life piece on the news. See if you can guess what it was before you reach the end... Continue Reading →

Lost in Time review

This is the first gay romance book I've read for quite some time (probably since Patrick Gale's A Place Called Winter). As soon as I saw the blurb for this I thought it sounded like my sort of thing - and I was right. It's a quirky mix of magic, monsters and mystery with a... Continue Reading →

New cover for ‘Echoes of Blood’

The great thing about self-publishing is that it can be so flexible. Realise you've done something wrong and you can change it without annoying your publisher or putting them to a vast amount of trouble and expense. As I've just found out with my cover art. It wasn't "wrong", exactly. I liked the bat and... Continue Reading →

Swallows & Armenians

One of my favourite books as a child was Arthur Ransome's 'Swallows & Amazons'. I loved the descriptions of the Lake District, and the sheer adventure of it all - a far cry from my own rather dull suburban childhood! There's a good permanent display on Ransome and the history of his books at Kendal's... Continue Reading →

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