Two get rather wet

It’s been dry here in Cumbria for so long (about four months, give or take) that many of the streams had dried up almost completely and even the lakes were getting very low. In an area that’s usually known for its rainfall and its many natural ‘water features’ this always seems very strange, so we’ve … More Two get rather wet

Release party! and giveaway!

A quick heads-up that tomorrow evening (Friday 24th September) I’ll be at fellow m/m romance author Jackie Keswick’s Facebook group, helping her celebrate the release of her new book Caught. Caught is a m/m paranormal romance featuring demons and demon-hunters, with more than a hat-tip towards Japanese culture. It’s currently on pre-order but releases tomorrow, … More Release party! and giveaway!

Sunday Share: PG Devlim writes vampires

I couldn’t not share this guest post by vampire author PG Devlim* over at the CosmicTaryn blog. Not only is it an insightful look at the whole process of writing about vampires (research, tools, inspiration, planning, motivation, favourite vampire characters/books/movies, cover art design) – but there’s even a mention for yours truly. It’s well worth … More Sunday Share: PG Devlim writes vampires