Friday Five: romantic vampire films

When I mentioned that I was writing a romantic vampire story to a group of writer friends recently, their collective snorts shook the windows. And it does sound like a bit of a weird mix. But in reality it's a popular genre in its own right, as this collection of favourite movies shows: Love at... Continue Reading →


Two go for a woodland stroll

After spending Friday morning waiting in for a delivery we both had cabin fever, so in the afternoon we jumped into the car for a brief foray to the Grizedale Forest. This area of woodland between Windermere and Coniston was originally the site of a large country house, which was requisitioned during the war and... Continue Reading →

Little Eve review

I won a signed copy of this book in a Twitter contest run by The Writing Haunt, a wonderful writers retreat set in the Welsh countryside. Normally I never win things, but I'm delighted to have made an exception this time because it introduced me to a truly fantastic new author that I hadn't come... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Lakeland Gardens

For such a northern county, Cumbria has some amazing gardens to visit. Perhaps because of all the rain they seem to be lush green oases in a sea of, well, lush green scenery! I love wandering round them whatever the weather; here's a handful of my favourites. Acorn Bank Technically just outside the Lake District... Continue Reading →

A rain-check on the storm cloud

Abbot Hall art gallery in Kendal has a brand new exhibition featuring the works of J M Turner and John Ruskin, focussing on landscape paintings, the weather, and Ruskin's work in flagging up climate change. It sounds fascinating, and we had a spare morning on Friday so we hurried over to Kendal to see it.... Continue Reading →

Classic cars, classic backdrop

We always enjoy poking round classic car shows - it's such fun to see all the old favourites our parents or grandparents used to drive, plus there are always surprises and new models we've never heard of before. Today was the turn of the 20th annual classic car rally at Leighton Hall, a spectacular stately... Continue Reading →

Hanging out with a hippo

Not a real one, obviously. This is the wonderful Haphazardous Hippo, who runs a book blog and has rather foolishly given me free run of the place this weekend! In other words, she interviewed me recently and has posted the results on her blog today. The questions were great fun, so head on over to... Continue Reading →

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