A really wet day out

The Lake District had over 8 inches of rain on Sunday. Yes, you really did read that right - 8 whole inches of water fell in a relentless torrent for just over 24 hours. Luckily, this time, there was no flooding, but it still left everywhere rather sodden. By Monday it had sort of stopped,... Continue Reading →

Win free books!

A few days ago I promised more details on the Virtual Gay Pride Fest I'll be taking part in, in just under a week's time. Well, here they are! On Saturday 4th July, at 12 noon EDT/5.00 pm BST I'll be going 'live' at the event, with a half hour takeover plus trivia questions and... Continue Reading →

Rather damp day out

Our third trip out courtesy of the National Trust pre-booking system, and this time we chose Fell Foot Park. It's a relatively short drive from home and set on the shores of Windermere with nice walks in lovely scenery. I last visited in about 1990 and Dave had never been, so it was the perfect... Continue Reading →

Just Visiting excerpt

Those nice folk at Stonewall Writers & Readers have posted another excerpt for me, from my latest book Just Visiting. This is the gay time-travel romance I published a few weeks ago. Rather appropriately (and completely accidentally) it features a fight against inequality and outright racism, as well as mention of a Great Plague! You... Continue Reading →

Slightly less grand day out

On Sunday we managed to get tickets for another National Trust "property", Aira Force. This is a magnificent waterfall in a gorge near Ullswater. We've been many times before and it's always lovely scrambling through the woodland to the falls, so once again we made up a packed lunch and thermos flasks and headed north.... Continue Reading →

Virtual Gay Pride Fest

I'm popping in with some advance warning (so there's plenty of time for you all to pack your bags and leave Earth): on Saturday 4th July I'll be taking part in an online gay pride literary event organised by fellow writer Blake Allwood to help take the place of so many conventions and festivals that... Continue Reading →

A grand day out

Lockdown here in England is slowly easing, and on Monday we were able to have our first proper trip out for many weeks. We had the National Trust to thank for this, as they're starting to re-open some of their parks and gardens on a pre-booked tickets only basis. We got tickets for our nearest... Continue Reading →

The Thorough Guide

All my walks are, by default, around the local area at the moment. Even living in such a lovely area it can get a little dull - but it's forcing me to look at interesting features more closely rather than scurrying past. And sometimes, it's worth taking that closer look. Take this little clock tower,... Continue Reading →

Excerpt of Just Visiting

A quick update to let everyone know that the Queer Sci Fi website were kind enough to publish an announcement about Just Visiting yesterday. As well as a blurb and various other details there's also a nice juicy excerpt from the book to whet your appetite. So if you'd like to find out more, or... Continue Reading →

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