One day, two great stories

These stories weren’t actually published on the same day, but I happened to trip over both whilst browsing friends’ social media today and thought both were so powerful I had to pass on the links.

First, over at InFlight literary magazine, Margret Helgadottir’s ‘Grandma’s Tricks’ is a brilliant exploration of actions and consequences, wrapped up in an enigmatic yet heartfelt tale about a family’s misfortunes.  I’m still questioning the exact meaning of the ending (isn’t that the case with all good fiction, that it should make you think and question your own certainties?) but I absolutely loved it.

I’d no sooner finished reading that, than I found this little flash piece from friend and fellow-scouser Cath Bore over at FlashFlood.  ‘Stolen‘ is hard-hitting, poignant and sad, but beautifully written and packing an amazing emotional punch in so few words.

Do go and check these stories out.  They’re well worth the investment of your time.


6 thoughts on “One day, two great stories

    1. Well, I’m not sure how many people will actually read the damn blog post *grin* but every little helps – and I really did enjoy the story that much. xx

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