100FS-ShapeshiftersThis little book seems to have rather sunk without trace, which is a shame as it deserves better.  It’s a beautifully produced little volume for one thing, with nice crisp white paper and eye-catching cover art.  And the stories too are worth more than a second – or even third or fourth – glance.

Part of the ‘Pockets’ range from Fox Spirit, this is sci-fi, but it’s so much more than your usual bunch of aliens, robots and tentacles – or even alien robots with tentacles.  Yes, some of the stories have aliens (or robots, or tentacles) but they also have intriguing, thought-provoking shapeshifters inspired by folk tales and legends from around the world.

My own favourites were K A Laity’s Hispanic dragon tale ‘Carlos’, and ‘Bultungin’ by Joshua Reynolds, a strange, dream-like story set in Lagos and clearly based on African mythology.  But every other story was good too – all original, all well written, all edging the literary end of science fiction.  I loved them.

Oh – and if you do decide to check the book out, you can read my own tentacle (yes, I went there!) romp ‘The Boyfriend from Hell’ while you’re at it.  It may not be as literary as some of the other contributions, but I’m hoping it’s just as much fun.

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