Ghostly Lancashire

This month’s Lancashire Life magazine has an amusing little piece about haunted stately homes in and around the county, presumably in the run up to Halloween.

Locations on the list include Rufford Old Hall which is said to be haunted by Queen Elizabeth I (and no, the article’s authors couldn’t think why she would choose to “manifest herself in West Lancs” either!) and Lancaster Castle, once a prison, which houses numerous spirits including one of the famous (infamous?) Pendle Witches.  More unusual are the Grand Theatre, Lancaster, and the Winter Gardens at Morecambe, both of which are home to theatrical ghosts.  Over the border into Cumbria there’s Muncaster Castle, described as “one of the most haunted castles anywhere”.  I’m not sure about that claim, but during a visit a few years ago I did notice a very creepy atmosphere in one of the downstairs rooms.  Whether it was ghostly activity, or just cold and damp (this is an old stone castle after all) I couldn’t say, but it made for an entertaining trip out.

Also on the list are a handful of haunted Lancashire pubs, involving a pun about “serving spirits” which I wish I’d thought of!

It’s amusing just how many of these ghosts and spirits involve young women with broken hearts.  Clearly there was a great deal of heart-breaking going on in the past; either that, or it was the only way women had of getting their own back on their cheating or murdering relatives!

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