Season of mists

Autumn has landed on us with a thump; yesterday morning we woke to really thick fog – the sort that made our shopping trip to Barrow in Furness distinctly challenging because we could hardly see the road.

Thankfully by lunchtime it had mostly lifted and turned to glorious autumn sunshine, bringing out all the colours in the trees and creating some interesting lighting effects.  We donned boots and walking gear and set off on a 7 mile hike to Holehird Gardens (and back) via the back lanes and footpaths skirting around Orrest Head.  Everything looked utterly magical and we really enjoyed the walk – all except for the very last farmyard at Far Orrest, where we were accosted by at least four bad-tempered dogs who clearly didn’t want us anywhere near their property, even though we stuck like glue to the official public footpath.  After one took a nip at Dave, we didn’t dare go back the same way, and ended up having to walk along the A592 Kirkstone Road which is narrow, busy, and has no pavement for long stretches.  It was an interesting experience but not one I’d like to repeat, so sadly that walk seems to be out of bounds until someone Does Something about those dogs.

Still, the rest of the afternoon was a joy with pale blue skies, misty fells in the background, and the sun filtering through the trees in High Hay wood.  Here’s a couple of the photos I took, just to show how amazing it looked.




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