It’s amazing sometimes just what you can discover in a house you think you know well.  We’ve been here now for well over five years yet we’re still finding new things.  Last year it was a bricked up cupboard under the stairs; this year it’s a floor.

We didn’t mean to start an excavation.  All we were doing was taking up some rather grotty carpet in the dining room.  We knew there was something underneath, which possibly involved tiles, because we’d seen a corner, briefly, before.  But nothing could prepare us for the wonderful whole – an intact Victorian tiled floor, in a geometric pattern of red, black and white, completely covering the floor.

In places it’s a little battered, but then wouldn’t you be if you dated back to the 1880s?  We’re hoping it will be possible to restore it, remove some rather nasty red paint from the outer foot or so, and bring it back to full, gleaming, polished life.  It’s quite a feature, very unexpected, and has left us wondering what other secrets are still waiting to be found.


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