Woolly things

a-wool_herdy_teddy-4716This morning we pottered in to Kendal to visit the Woogathering festival for the first time since we moved up here.  Every year since we’ve managed to miss it, either through ill health or through being somewhere else in the country the one weekend it was on.

This year, we were determined to go, and go we did.  It’s by no means the largest festival in the world, but we were surprised by how much was on offer, and by how popular it seems to be.  People were turning up to the main venue, K Village, in their droves.  Or should that be herds?

Puns aside, there were whole rooms full of stalls selling wool, knitting accessories, sheepy things and yet more wool, as well as gifts made from wool and gifts you could make yourself from wool.  In the main aisle of the mall were two rather unusual visitors – alpacas, making themselves thoroughly at home.  And in a tent outside there was a pop-up café doing lamb burgers, right alongside a display of real, live sheep.  Perhaps not the most tactful arrangement ever, but the sheep didn’t seem to be complaining.  Not even the Ouessant, an ancient Celtic breed which are apparently the smallest in the world.  Next door to the sturdy Herdwicks and Rough Fells, they looked like specially-bred lap-sheep.

A short walk along the river to the Museum of Lakeland Life took us to the other main display, this time of hundreds of knitted and hand-crafted sheep made by local school children and dementia sufferers, which are due to be auctioned for charity tomorrow.  They were exceptionally cute, but we suspect rather fleeting.  It rained a lot overnight so the organisers were late putting them out (flocking across the lawn outside the museum), and as we left it was starting to drizzle again.  Since none of them had been provided with knitted umbrellas, they were probably herded straight back indoors.

All in all it was a really fun, lively event, and lovely to see people er, flocking to K Village again which has been rather tumbleweed-y of late.  And the event is still on tomorrow, so if you’re anywhere near Kendal, do pop in and fuzz a sheep!


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