Ghosts getting closer

Yesterday was edits day on my latest book Got Ghosts, which is due out from Fox Spirit just in time for Halloween.

Sometimes the editing process can be distinctly fraught, but this time it was, relatively speaking, a doddle.  No more than a few typos, a couple of awful howlers, and a general scrape-and-polish.

Whilst wading through the line-by-lines, I reminded myself how much fun I had writing this little book.  It’s very tongue-in-cheek, not to be taken seriously in the slightest, and I found I was giggling out loud at various places.  I also gathered a few quotes that I’ll be dropping into the conversation at random over the next few weeks, just to whet folks’ appetites a bit.  Starting with:

The only trouble was, mad and bad in real life was nowhere near as exciting, or as romantic, as it was in books and films.

No, it isn’t about Lord Byron, but there is a rather Byron-esque character who makes a dramatic appearance about half way through.

I’m very excited by the whole project and can’t wait for the cover art, which I’m told will be available very soon. You can bet I’ll be posting it on here the minute it comes through!


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