Two go for a misty walk in Borrowdale

At this time of year it’s worth seizing every opportunity for a walk, even if the weather isn’t very promising. Yesterday was misty, bordering on foggy, and cold, with snow still lying on the fells. But the sun broke through the low cloud every now and again and the pavements weren’t icy, so off to Keswick we went.

The drive over was really dramatic, with snow-clad mountains looming at us out of gaps in the fog, and everything in shades of monochrome. Helm Crag and Steel Fell looked particularly awesome, but annoyingly, by the time we found a layby to park up, the mist had shifted and the view had vanished again.

After a fortifying coffee in the Theatre by the Lake’s café, we strolled along the shores of Derwentwater, stopping to take photos of the amazing views. Normally we stop at Friar’s Crag and head back to mooch round the town, but this time we went much further, along a pleasant (if muddy) path which alternates between the waterline, fields, and marshy woods. All the way along the scenery was jaw-dropping, with fells like Grizedale Pike, Causey Pike and Walla Crag overtopping the mist, and the lake a mill-pond painted with reflections.

In the end we got almost as far as Calfclose Bay (I wanted to get a photo of the so-called Hundred Year Stone) but realised our parking ticket was running out, so had to dash back to shove more money in the machine. Then we treated ourselves to a delicious home-made veggie chilli in the café at posh gift shop Treeby & Bolton. Sadly, the store itself was closed, so we couldn’t buy a glass snail. But there’s always next time, and I have these amazing photos to remind me of the day.



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