Loving the depths of Black Lake

blacklake2We caught up on the end of this sequel/prequel series over the weekend and all I can say is wow, because I enjoyed pretty much every minute.

The first series, set later on, was fun in a typical horror-trope ‘and then there were none’ way, but the characters weren’t particularly likeable and there was too little plot (until well on into the series at any rate) and too much hysteria and general rushing about.

Here, the frantic action had mostly been replaced by genuine thoughtfulness. There was a strong link to historical events, a neat commentary on the tendency to ignore the experiences of people with mental illness, and somehow (perhaps with more time to explore their personalities and motivations) the characters seemed warmer too.

I particularly liked Gittan, the elderly resident with too many secrets, and loved to hate Uno, the course leader/psychologist who seemed to have an answer to everything. Until the end, of course, when the series writers threw in some neat twists on who the bad people really were.

The setting, on a remote Swedish island with a dark past as a refugee centre during World War 2, added heaps of atmosphere to the whole series. The abandoned hostel was wonderfully creepy and I’d love to find out more about the locations used in the filming, but information online seems sparse.

I’d love to think there might be a third series of Black Lake, but given the tight timescale between events in the first two series it seems unlikely. A shame, if it could have been anything like as good as this.


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