Ghosts, more ghosts and the Mona Lisa

mona_lisa_1550676251Now here’s an interview with a difference – blogger Lacey Dearie, who runs the Rock Paper Spirit blog, asked me a bunch of questions while I, er, showed her round Greystones Hall, the setting for Got Ghosts?. Naturally she bumped into some of the hall’s many ghostly inhabitants, with some unfortunate consequences (I’m told the club didn’t do too much damage…) but escaped unscathed enough to post my replies on the blog today.

So, if you want to read about Sir Philip the armour-clad knight, or the strange white-clad figure in the library, or who I would invite to a medieval banquet and which of them would start the food fight, look no further than Lacey’s blog.

Many thanks to Lacey for the off-the-wall concept and for coming up with such fun, original questions. I had a blast answering them, and like to think the result is quite entertaining!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! The good news is the book is still very much available, as either paperback or e-book. Do let me know if you’d like details on where you can buy it! x

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