I wandered lonely as a daffodil…

…straight to the Spring Flower Show at Ambleside. This has been on our “Really Must Do One Day” list for several years but we’ve never quite made it. This morning we had a few hours to spare so wandered over, had a coffee at the wonderful Mr H’s (Follow the Pig) and then found the Kelsick Centre down a maze of small lanes and dutifully paid our £2 entry fee each.

And it was all very colourful and very sweet. There were lots of daffodils, as you might expect, but also a wealth of other spring flowers and all kinds of other displays. Local photos, children’s crafts (make your own Easter bunny, decorate an egg shell) and cakes. And the most spectacular of all – a whole row of almost sculptural flower arrangements on a variety of themes including illustrating a poem. Needless to say several entrants had chosen Wordsworth’s Daffodils and the results were charming, with fluffy cotton wool clouds, felt sheep, blue cloth lakes and of course, swathes of real yellow daffodils.

I didn’t manage to take any photos of the event so I’ve cheated and used one I took a few years ago on Sheriff’s Walk, a local footpath between Windermere town and the lake shore. It passes some nice old cottages with lovely gardens and I snapped these along the way.

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