Brief encounters at Carnforth

This morning we headed to Carnforth, mostly to go and see someone about some paving, but the parking charges in the town are now so steep we decided to stick around, make the most of it and visit the Railway Heritage Centre as well.

As you might expect, this is based at the station, and is a fascinating Aladdin’s cave of exhibits of Carnforth’s own history, general railway heritage, and the story of the film ‘Brief Encounter’ which was made here. The original (now refurbished) clock which appeared in the film is still there on the platform, and the refreshment room has also been renovated and reopened to sell a range of snacks and drinks. And there are displays on wartime Britain, food rationing, and the films of David Lean.

It also has a more personal link for me, as my good friend Deborah Swift (writing as Davina Blake) has written a historical novel, Past Encounters, which is set in and around the filming of the original movie. It’s a super read and I can thoroughly recommend it.

It’s a fun place to spend anything from half an hour to half a day. Today we could only manage the latter, but we really enjoyed it and will no doubt be popping in again soon.

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