How I got published, and other useful stuff

A little while ago, writing and marketing guru Damien Seaman was kind enough to interview me for a guest post on his excellent blog. The questions he asked were surprisingly tough, but in a good way because they really made me think about being a writer – what motivates me, what excites me, how I got started, why I made some of the choices I did along the way.

Smaller publishers seem to suit me because they’re more independent, and often more willing to take a chance on publishing unusual work. Since what I write tends to be pretty unusual, we seem to be a good fit…

Among other things Damien wanted to know why I often focus on gay or bi characters; what my fascination with the supernatural is; why I’ve written so many short stories over the years; and even how I used anthologies as a stepping-stone to getting longer works published. He also asked a few questions about my book Got Ghosts?, including what the main influences on it were, and how I coped with weaving the humour into it.

I do have a strong and slightly warped sense of humour, and often find sarcasm, irony or flippancy creeping in even where I don’t intend it…

You can find all my replies on his blog today. Do pop over and take a look – and do check out some of his other posts because they’re full of good, sound advice on the business of writing and getting that writing published. It’s something all of us writers, myself included, need to take heed of.

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