Ghostly reminder

House Halloween Haunted Horror Demon Death Ghost

A quick reminder for anyone who missed the original announcement, or who was going to check it out and forgot (the sort of thing I do all the time…).

My short ghost story Can’t Fool Me features the further adventures of the Got Ghosts? characters, who are offering £5,000 to anyone who can spend the night at the supposedly haunted Greystones Hall.

Special effects whizz Karen is sure she can, because she’s sure there’s no such thing as ghosts. Is she right? Or will Emily, Gramps and the others have the last laugh? The story is free to read at the Fox Spirit Books blog. Do pop along and check it out. I hope it gives you a smile on a horrid wet dark January day.

(Apologies, by the way, if the post looks a little odd. Most of my usual composing and editing tools (categories/tags, featured image etc) seem to have disappeared. Perhaps the Greystones ghosts have been at the WordPress controls as well!)

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