Two get hailed on in Keswick

We’d booked to go on a ‘dark skies’ event in Keswick on Saturday but it was cancelled on the day due to the terrible weather, flooding and state of the roads. We decided to hit the town anyway as it’s a while since we last went and it’s a good place for a mooch round and a walk to the lake, even on an unpleasant winter’s day.

And unpleasant it certainly was! The drive over was exciting to say the least, with rivers overflowing, water cascading out of everything, and Windermere lake overtopping the road at Waterhead. We’ve never driven through a lake before! We arrived reasonably safe at Keswick, got out of the car, and nearly got blown straight back in again. The wind had strengthened to gale force and was bitterly cold, and as we walked round the town the skies began to darken.

We called into Brysons tea room for a cuppa and a slice of local delicacy ‘plum bread’ (no plums, just currants, but it’s lovely) and to thaw out. By the time we came out again it was spitting, but we thought we’d do the short walk to Derwentwater anyway, if only to see how high the water level was. Bad move! Roughly half way there the heavens opened in an almighty, torrential hail shower, so heavy that it was turning the lower slopes of Skiddaw completely white as we watched. The wind was much too strong for an umbrella, and my winter jacket doesn’t have a hood. Dave did his best to shield me but it was clear it wasn’t letting up and that stuff hurts! So we turned round, battled the wind back to the car, and drove (sloshed) home again…

The photo (above) is of Hope Park in Keswick. No, that isn’t a brand new boating lake – that was flood water, deeper than I’d ever seen it there before.

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