Lost in Time review

lostintimeThis is the first gay romance book I’ve read for quite some time (probably since Patrick Gale’s A Place Called Winter). As soon as I saw the blurb for this I thought it sounded like my sort of thing – and I was right. It’s a quirky mix of magic, monsters and mystery with a hero who goes back in time to find his missing sister and accidentally introduces something he shouldn’t have into 1920s London.

One or two reviews have been critical of the romance but I loved the slow-burn relationship between the two main characters, which developed nicely from initial mistrust and antagonism into something much more tender and supportive.

My only slight criticism is the ending, which was rather abrupt. Just for myself I’d have rather had some sort of resolution followed by a cliffhanger to get me to read more. I will read more, though, as I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. A very nice re-introduction to a genre I used to love!

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