Echoes of Blood on Kindle Unlimited

The main news today is that I finally got off my behind and enrolled Echoes of Blood onto Kindle Unlimited. This means that for anyone subscribed to the KU service, the book is now available completely free!

I’ve been meaning to do it since I first published the book but the whole self-publishing process was quite a steep learning curve and I wanted to get my head round the basics before adding anything else. However, yesterday I plucked up courage, clicked the ‘enroll’ button – and then found it was the easiest thing on the planet because Amazon takes care of everything else for you. So I needn’t have worried.

Anyway, all of that means that you now have a choice of ways to read the book – either by paying the very small amount of £2.99 ($3.89) for the e-book, or by downloading it onto Kindle Unlimited. Whichever version you choose, I hope it gives you some entertainment during these rather unsettling times.

You can find Echoes of Blood on Amazon UK or Amazon US. If you want to find out a bit more about it before trying it, head to my website for an excerpt and some reviews.

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