History, Romans, Liverpool… and vampires?

You wouldn’t think there could possibly be any connection between the above four things, would you? There is, though, as I explained on Annie Whitehead’s blog yesterday. Even though Echoes of Blood is a love story set in modern-day Liverpool, I managed to crowbar all kinds of history – including Roman roads and an entire missing Roman legion – into the book, and had great fun doing it.

The legion is the famous ninth, which really existed and apparently disappeared while on duty in York. Nobody really knows what happened to the men, but I had a blast writing my own version of events. So why not pop over to Annie’s blog to see how, and why, I chose to include it in a vampire romance!

echoesbloodmm7coverOh – and if this whets your appetite, the book is currently available for just £2.99 on Kindle and completely free on Kindle Unlimited. Just head to Amazon UK or Amazon US to find it.

(Image of legionary inscription from York nicked from the BBC website.)


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