A really wet day out

The Lake District had over 8 inches of rain on Sunday. Yes, you really did read that right – 8 whole inches of water fell in a relentless torrent for just over 24 hours. Luckily, this time, there was no flooding, but it still left everywhere rather sodden. By Monday it had sort of stopped, apart from some general drizzle and a few sharp showers. We’d pre-booked our latest trip out and although the weather was disappointing, we’ve been so cooped up lately that we went for it anyway.

This time we headed back to Sizergh Castle. As before, the castle itself was closed but the park and gardens were fully open, and the cafe was doing takeaway hot drinks and snacks. We grabbed a coffee each and sat in the car to drink it, watching it rain sideways and saying “Well, this is nice.” Which sounds daft, but after so long indoors it actually was nice just to be somewhere different.

After the coffee we set off to walk to Brigsteer Woods, along a track that climbed steeply up to a viewpoint, then plunged back downhill again. Sadly it was wet and horribly slippery, and after I’d lost my footing twice and nearly done a spectacular somersault, we abandoned that for another, drier day. Instead we mooched round the gardens, watched a couple of rabbits feasting on the grass, and enjoyed everything being so wonderfully lush and green again. When we came before, only three weeks ago, the lakes were half empty and the grass looked quite parched. What a difference a few weeks – and eight inches of rain – can make!

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