Coming soon to a garden near you…

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately. Partly that’s due to lockdown blues, but mostly it’s because I’ve had my head down, working hard on a rewrite/general overhaul of my first ever novel, Roses in December.

Those of you with very long memories may recall that this ghost story set in a mysterious English garden was published back in about 2006 by Torquere Press. It came out of contract several years later and I’ve often wondered about re-working it but never quite got the impetus before. Then a stray comment on Twitter set me thinking, and during the summer I settled down with it.

I soon found that, although there was lots to like, it also needed massive amounts of work. There was one whole sub-plot which added nothing and made the main character look slightly dubious, and there were things that needed tweaking, making more realistic, or bringing up to date.

The good news is that after three or four months battling with it, I’ve finished both the re-write and subsequent edits. Now I’m getting it ready to publish, hopefully later this year. It’s significantly different to the old version so I’m re-naming it as December Roses, and the opportunity to get it ‘out there’ in December was too good to miss! So watch out for further progress reports in the next few weeks. And here’s a tiny teaser of what the cover might look like.

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