What inspired December Roses?

Most of my books are inspired by things I’ve seen and read, or the places I’ve visited, and December Roses was no exception. The book grew from my love of reading books about gardens (especially those with secrets or mysteries) and my other love of visiting beautiful, lost or mysterious gardens. In particular, one childhood classic, and one garden that was brought back from the wilderness, combined to give me the ideas I needed to write Nat and Richie’s tale.

If you read the book, and if you’re familiar with classic children’s literature and the National Trust’s gardens in England, you might be able to guess which book and garden that was. If not, and you’d like to know more, then pop along to ANNE BARWELL’S BLOG today to read my guest post on exactly that subject.

You might be inspired in turn – perhaps to read the classic book(s) concerned, or to visit the garden(s). Or even just to treat yourself to a copy of December Roses and see how I combined the two elements into one ghostly romance.

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