New fiction archive

I’ve been thinking about ways to share some of my fiction online for some time. Not so much the published works – the books, or the stories in anthologies and magazines – but the untidy heap of older stories, unpublished stories, stories newly out of publication, and excerpts from books and even works-in-progress.

Well, after much prompting (aka gentle nagging!) by fellow writer Jay Mountney, I now have a Dreamwidth account to use for exactly this purpose. So far it only has a couple of short stories posted: one creepy little flash fiction called ‘Noises Off’, previously published in Paragraph Planet, and ‘Concrete Jungle’, a rather weird prose-poem which appeared in online British fiction magazine Ink Sweat & Tears. I’ll be adding more soon, though, so feel free to bookmark the link and check back every now and again.

You can find the account, and both stories, here: FIONA’S DREAMWIDTH PAGE. I hope you like it!

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