Two find some early snowdrops

Yesterday’s Daily Walk (TM) took in some of the maze of back lanes and footpaths around the town of Windermere including Birthwaite Road and Old College Path. It’s a fascinating area dotted with old cottages, streams and ponds, trees, rocky outcrops, views across fields of sheep – and snowdrops. These pop up without fail along the verges of Birthwaite Road every year and in spite of the almost constant bitter weather since Christmas, there they were again.

We were glad of the chink of brightness and suggestion of spring they provided, because it was sleeting the whole time we were out. Of course, the minute we got back home and clambered out of big coats and boots, the clouds rolled away and the sun came out again! But it was an interesting walk with lots of fresh air, and we were glad to grab the opportunity as the forecast for next week is even worse. I just hope the snowdrops don’t get snowed in, or blown away.

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