Wings Over the Battlefield

Crowhurst, R.; The Angel of Mons, c.1914; National Army Museum;

A few days ago my friend and fellow author A L Lester posted a link to a fascinating article about the Angel(s) of Mons, and where the legend might have originated from. I devoured every word, because the tale has always held me spellbound. Reading the article, it seems it may well have been a First World War version of an urban myth, but it’s still rather magical – and intriguing that it seems to have caught the imagination of so much of the population, so quickly.

It also reminded me that I wrote a flash fiction on this very subject, many years ago. I dug it out, blew the dust off, rewrote the rather naff ending, and have posted the result on my Dreamwidth page, where it’s available to read completely free.

Whether or not you believe in the myth, I hope you enjoy the story, which is my attempt to work out what effect such a revelation might have had on an individual who was there and witnessed it.

The lovely picture is from the collection of the National Army Museum and was painted (as a postcard?) by R Crowhurst in about 1914.

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