Watery Reward

You’ll have noticed I haven’t been posting much about trips out lately. There’s a good reason for that – thanks to the latest lockdown, we haven’t been allowed to make any. However, yesterday we had an errand to run in the neighbouring town of Ambleside, and while we were there it made sense to combine the trip with our usual Daily Walk.

We chose a quick gallop up the lane that leads up to Stock Ghyll Force waterfall (‘force’ being the local, Norse-based name for a waterfall). It was amazingly quiet – I think we saw a couple of dog-walkers on the entire walk – and although the weather was showery we had some lovely views out across the surrounding countryside. The beck was quite high after all the recent rain and the sound of rushing water followed us up the hill. And there were daffodils, and catkins, and even one small pink flower coming out on a bush that I didn’t recognise.

And at the top, we were rewarded with the waterfall itself, which is one of the highest in the area at around 70 feet high. It’s also very beautiful, nestled in a steep-sided wooded valley (the ‘ghyll’), which is lined either side of the beck with scrambly paths. We didn’t have long to linger but I managed to grab one quick photo of the falls before turning round and dashing back home again. Hopefully it won’t be too many more weeks until we can get out and about on a regular basis again.

Here’s the pic of the falls. The area has a surprisingly industrialised past for somewhere that looks so quiet and picturesque now, and you can find out a little more about it on the WalkLakes website.

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