All the ghosts, less money

Apologies to my lovely publisher Fox Spirit Books for not pouncing on this sooner, but I’ve only just spotted that the Kindle version of my paranormal romp ‘Got Ghosts?’ is now on sale for less. Quite a bit less, actually, since the original price of £5.99 has now come down to a mere £2.99. For a houseful of ghosts, a stack of missing paintings, and a nice gentle romance, that’s a hauntingly good deal. At less than a pound per ghost, what more could you want?

I’m not sure how long the offer will last, so if you fancy treating yourself to a book that has variously been described as ‘great’, ‘spookily funny’, and ‘a delightful romp’, then go grab ‘Got Ghosts?‘ while you can. And I hope you enjoy the Greystones ghosts.


Haunted manor house Greystones Hall is filled to the brim with ghosts. It’s also falling to bits, and artist owner Emily doesn’t have the money to refurbish the place. When the makers of hit tv show ‘Got Ghosts?’ offer to pay for a weekend’s filming there she jumps at the chance, even though she and her ghostly grandfather Gramps have reservations.

The reservations seem to be misplaced when the film crew swing into action, and producer Carl turns out to be dark, handsome and very available. But Emily soon starts to have doubts about the methods they use, which Carl won’t discuss. Then the show’s resident medium Stella stirs up a new and malevolent spirit, revealing a dark secret at the heart of the house that has been hidden for centuries. And when Emily’s own safety is threatened, together with that of her ghosts and her beloved Gramps, will it be Carl who comes to the rescue, or someone much more unexpected?

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