Two go to the seaside

Well, estuary-side would be closer to the mark. This morning we needed to collect something a friend had made for us. They live in a village that’s just the other side of Morecambe Bay, and now that the ‘stay local’ rule is no longer being fully enforced we decided to make a trip of it by stopping off at Arnside.

This is a pretty fishing village-cum-seaside-resort on the shores of the Bay with stunning views back across to the lake district, a nice promenade to stroll along, and a handful of shops (still closed). We’d hoped to have a walk and treat ourselves to a takeaway coffee but sadly the weather wasn’t playing ball. The incessant torrential rain of the last two days had finally stopped but there was still a strong to gale force wind blowing and it felt too cold to hang around outdoors for long. We forewent the coffee and just had a brief walk to the coastguard station and back.

Even that was lovely after so long stuck in one place. We enjoyed the sea air, the views (what you could see of them through the cloud), and reading about the history of the village from various information boards along the promenade. It seems the village first gained prosperity from ship-building, and from being on the way to Milnthorpe which was originally an important port for Kendal and beyond. Then, with the arrival of the railway in 1858, it opened up as a tourist resort, although only ever a very small one. Nowadays Arnside is a sleepy backwater, but charming and peaceful and well worth a visit. We’ll be back, but we’ll hope for slightly better conditions next time!

The photo shows a train passing over the River Kent viaduct – which only happens a couple of times an hour so we were lucky to catch it. And yes, it really did look that bleak. But Morecambe Bay has its own strange beauty even in bad weather.

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