Two go to a frosty garden

Holehird Gardens, the home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society, are only about four miles from our doorstep, and given that they’re completely outdoors they’d have been a wonderful place to visit during lockdown. Sadly, they took the decision to close.

This week we noticed that they were open again to local visitors, so on Monday we drove over there really early to beat the crowds and had a good mooch round.

The gardens originally belonged to a large Victorian house, but after World War II they were allowed to fall into disrepair and only rescued by LHS from 1969 onwards. Nowadays the house is a Leonard Cheshire home for disabled people (although apparently about to close), and the garden is a separate entity open to visitors for a small donation.

It’s very lovely, with a large walled garden, lots of glasshouses, and terraced woodland and rock gardens spilling down the hillside along with a lively stream. Much of it is north or west facing, and because it was still early when we were there, the frost hadn’t fully melted off the grass. It was noticeable that the flowerbeds that regularly catch the sun were much further out, while those in the shade still looked as though it was winter. And it certainly still felt like winter, too! But there were some early tulips, and lots of daffodils underneath the trees, and even a gorgeous camellia.

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