‘Trench Warfare’ coming soon

Great news – I’ve been beavering away for weeks and now have a brand new book coming out in the next couple of days! Trench Warfare is a sweet, no-sex m/m romance set on an archaeological excavation, and featuring ghosts, a missing priory, and a quietly-developing relationship between friends.

Part of the plot, involving a gold cross, was inspired by an episode of my all-time favourite TV show, the Channel 4 archaeology series Time Team. The rest of it came about thanks to my own love of history and archaeology, and my fascination with the layers of history that can exist even on the same site.

The book features a couple of mysteries involving a town’s long-lost priory and whatever is lurking in its undercroft, and the light-hearted tone is reminiscent of my ghostly romp Got Ghosts?. Although it involves two gay men, there’s no actual sex so it should suit readers who aren’t as keen on same-sex romance as well as those who are!

It’ll be available on Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited, as early as tomorrow (Monday) so keep your eyes peeled for further updates very soon.

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