Less coming, more, er, come…

Great news – my new book Heat Haze: Summer Sizzlers hit the Kindle store late last night. You might have seen from my earlier post about it that this is a collection of short stories with a summer/heat theme, and it’s a fair bit *cough* hotter than my usual fare.

“A sultry collection of tales just right for summer. From the desert night to a sea cave on Malta, from a sunny beach to Salzburg in a thunderstorm, Heat Haze: Summer Sizzlers features five simmering stories, five different settings, and five different couples who find unusual solutions to getting the hots for each other…”

The stories were inspired in several cases by my own summer holidays – at least in terms of the settings, if very much not what we got up to there! Our visits were purely for sight-seeing and no caves, shrines, beach towels or railway carriages were harmed as a result. 😉

The weather here in the UK seems to have broken now, but if you fancy grabbing a bit of pure summer escapism to remind you what hot weather is like, then head to Amazon UK or Amazon US to grab a copy of my book. It’s on Kindle for only £1.99 (or your local equivalent) and completely free on Kindle Unlimited.

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