Two walk by the river

It’s a Bank Holiday here in England and we thought the traffic in the Lake District might be horrendous, so we went the opposite direction and ended up in Kendal. Rather than just mooching round the shops, we headed for the river and had a lovely walk all the way from Abbot Hall park to Gooseholme park and back over Miller Bridge.

This whole area of the town is absolutely stuffed with history. Walls and buildings are festooned with heritage plaques and there’s always something new to see, even in roads we’ve walked along many times before. Today we spotted the impressive Victorian frontage of Tower Building (?) on Stramongate with gables, a turret, some fun ornamental windows and a coaching arch, most of which are hidden from view if you’re walking along the same side of the road.

And on the way back to the car we spotted these cute little mice carved into a paving stone. It’s something of a visual pun so I’ve turned it into a #MondayMystery and you can find the answer, and some more information, over at my Instagram account. Squeak!

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