Two years of self-publishing

It’s hard to believe that it’s two whole years since I self-published my first book – but Echoes of Blood is exactly two years old today.

My dark-themed, m/m vampire romance came out on 2 February 2020, just as the first tendrils of news about the pandemic were creeping through – and weeks before the initial, hard-hitting lockdown.

While the virus has raged, being self-published has been a real bonus. No need to visit bookstores to arrange for stock, no need for book launches, book signings, readings or other events – because it’s all handled online anyway. I’ve enjoyed the process, too. Being in control of every stage from writing to editing to formatting to timing the publication to marketing, and even designing my very own book covers has been a steep learning curve but tremendous fun.

I’m hoping to get at least a couple more books out this year, to add to the five I already have available. The first may well be The Happy Medium, a m/m reworking of my paranormal romp Got Ghosts? which came out of contract just before Christmas. I’m busy with edits on that and should have more news soon.

In the meantime, if you want to get your paws on a copy of Echoes of Blood (which has been described by readers as ‘haunting’, ‘lustful’, and ‘chilling’) then it’s still only £2.99 on Kindle, or free on Kindle Unlimited. That’ll buy you Liverpool vampires, New Romantics, a missing Roman legion, and a lonely man sucked in by the lure of history – and blood. Cor! Want to take a look? You can find it here. Thanks – and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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