Two go for an icy walk

It was bitterly cold but sunny this morning so we jumped in the car and headed for the quaint old village of Hawkshead for the first time in several months.

The place seemed to be mostly closed for refurbishment and several cafes we normally go to were shut. But we managed a nice walk up one of the back lanes and along a woodland track, until we noticed that the ‘gravel’ scrunching under our boots was actually ice! We turned around and skated carefully back down again, then called into an old stalwart, the fifteenth century Minstrels Gallery, for coffee and a toasted teacake in front of the fire.

It might have felt wintry but there are daffodils and catkins coming out everywhere – including these (above) at the foot of one of the outside stone staircases the village is famous for. So we’re hoping spring is just around the corner now.

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