March newsletter due soon

After promising lots of stuff about archaeology in my last newsletter, I found Real Life getting in the way and couldn’t manage any of it. All is not lost, though, because I’ve added it in this month’s instead.

So far it includes a review of Anna Butler’s The Gilded Scarab, a richly imagined Steampunk romance involving an archaeologist; reviews of two recent archaeology series on TV; details of my own archaeology/paranormal romp Trench Warfare; and book news from friends including at least one more character who’s an archaeologist.

On top of that, there’s hot news of my soon-to-be-finished new book The Happy Medium, which doesn’t contain any archaeology whatsoever but is a fun paranormal romance featuring a TV crew and a haunted house.

Want to know more? Then why not sign up for the newsletter? It’s completely free, and you even get free book Monster in the Maze, based on the old minotaur legend, thrown in.

Pic credit: detail of The Gilded Scarab’s front cover from Anna Butler’s website.

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