Ghosts Galore coming soon

It’s been a little while since I last released a new book but that semi-drought is set to end very soon. My latest paranormal romance, Ghosts Galore, is in the final, final stages of production and I’m hoping to have it available as early as next week.

This is a rewrite of an older book, Got Ghosts?, which was published by Fox Spirit Books but came out of contract just before Christmas. When I very first wrote the book, many years ago, it was as a m/m romance, but I changed it to m/f to suit the market at the time. Now I’m back writing m/m again, it made sense to re-brand it – and in the process I’ve fixed a few issues, and added around 11,000 new words so it’s now a ‘proper’ novella rather than a long short story.

I’ll obviously shout as soon as the book’s available, but in the meantime here’s a few details – and the cover art, which I’m really proud of. (Credits for individual images in the artwork: radu_floryn22 and Prawny on, and Artur Matosyan on


Ghosts Galore, a fun, action-packed m/m paranormal romance set in a haunted English manor house.

When the Ghosts Galore TV crew come to film at artist Adam’s very haunted house, he thinks he can take the money and let the ghosts do the rest. But things soon start to go wrong. The crew use dodgy tricks; producer Carl refuses to believe in Greystones Hall’s ghosts; and dotty medium Stella accidentally awakens a malevolent spirit who dislikes Adam’s art.

When both Carl and Stella disappear Adam turns to the show’s historian Guy – who has a secret of his own – for help. Together they must solve a centuries-old mystery involving lost paintings, a priest hole, and a death that might have caused all the negative energy in the house. But that’s not all the pair discover, on a night of adventure that also brings unexpected romance…

★ sweet
★ low heat
★ no sex
★ plot-heavy
★ m/m
★ straight acting MCs
★ haunted house
★ novella

Due out in the next few days on Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited.



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