Two go to a country show

Country Fest, to be precise. This sweet, slightly old fashioned show happens once a year on the Westmorland County Showground near Kendal. We try to get there whenever we can as it has a lovely feel to it, with stalls, marquees and events throughout the two days it’s on for.

Last year was the first time it had run for two years thanks to the pandemic, and even then it was a little thin on the ground as some exhibitors – and visitors – had clearly stayed at home. This year there seemed to be no such fears and it was pretty much back to its usual self.

We got there soon after 10 am and spent a happy couple of hours wandering about, checking out the produce, looking at sheep, watching Morris dancers, mooching round the vintage cars and fuzzing bunny rabbits. We also had a lovely lunch from a stall operated by Yardies Jamaican food. It was all very relaxed and made a lovely change from the usual chores. And we came home with this rather adorable little robin, which is perched on the handle of a life-size garden fork. Apparently they’re made from recycled oil cans in Zimbabwe. A little bonus on top of a very pleasant morning.

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