Rainbow Snippets: Trench Warfare

Here’s my latest offering for the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, which encourages its members to post six lines from one of their books and then link back to it on the group.

This week I’ve chosen Trench Warfare, my low-heat, fun, paranormal-meets-archaeology m/m romance set on the excavation from hell. I think this is actually seven lines – but hey, who’s counting? – and it’s from where the main character, Steve, first notices something odd about the site…

And I like this time of day, too. The evening light just hanging on; the sound of Bill and Ben, my last remaining staff, talking as they measured out a grid for tomorrow’s work. The breeze rustling the leaves of nearby trees. The gentle tolling of the bell.          

What the hell? It must have been a car horn or a mobile phone. It couldn’t be a bell because there was no bell to toll. No bell because no bell tower. No bell tower because no priory.

There’s a lot more to the book than Steve tracking down whatever that bell was, including a missing priory, a dodgy businessman, an overly helpful assistant who causes his own problems, and something nasty lurking in the undercroft. If you’d like to read more, the book’s available for only £2.99 (or your local equivalent) on Kindle, or free on Kindle Unlimited. Find Trench Warfare here.

Happy reading, and watch out for the ghost…!



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