Two have a Strawberry Tea

One of our good friends is a member of charity organisation The Soroptimists, who fundraise on behalf of disadvantaged women and girls around the world. On Sunday they’d organised a Strawberry Tea in the garden of a rather grand house overlooking Windermere (the lake) to raise money, and our friend invited us along.

There were various old fashioned stalls including plants and a tombola as well as a raffle and other games and activities, and we could also stroll round the beautiful gardens. And then there was a slap up tea involving cake, home-made scones and jam, and strawberries.

We caught up with our friend, her husband, and two other friends we’d met at similar events in the past and it was all very jolly. The weather was slightly less jolly – the sun eventually came out, but there was a strong cold blustery breeze that kept blowing the tea things about.

But it was all great fun and will hopefully have raised some much-needed funds. I donated a signed copy of Got Ghosts?, the (now out of print) predecessor to Ghosts Galore, as a prize in the raffle. And was both surprised and delighted when one of my tickets was called out and I won a Nutcracker Paperweight. I’m not sure it’s much good at guarding my papers but it’s very good at sitting on a box in the spare bedroom and looking cute…

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