Like so many others around the UK – and further afield – we’re experiencing unusually high temperatures at the moment. I took this photo of my phone in the middle of the afternoon. For those of you in warmer climes it may not sound like much, but here in Cumbria 32c (90F) is very unusual indeed. I can remember one hot day about 3-4 years ago when it got to 30c and that’s about it.

Our little Victorian house is usually quite slow to warm up in hot weather, but not even 2-foot thick stone walls and a slate roof can keep out this sort of heat. The attic where OH has his lair (study) has been completely uninhabitable for the last two days, and today my study, one floor down but still under a different bit of the roof, also got too hot to work in.

I’ve resorted to a laptop in the living room, which is on the ground (first) floor and stays relatively cool, although even that isn’t exactly chilly. I managed a bit of writing this morning, though, which was an unexpected bonus. And luckily, as it isn’t the most comfortable place to work and has far more distractions, the weather is set to cool off a bit overnight and tomorrow should be more bearable. I hope so, as I tend to wilt in the heat!

How is everyone else coping? Is it bad where you are? Can you concentrate on work when the weather turns extreme? Or do you prefer to shelve things until you can actually, you know, think?!

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