Two head for the coast

We had an errand to run in Arnside on Friday and as it was a lovely sunny day we decided to make a day trip out of it. The village, which clings to the southern shore of the Kent estuary overlooking the wide sweep of Morecambe Bay, is a lovely place to visit anyway with a few nice shops and galleries, a promenade, and countryside walks at the back of the residential area, which eventually lead up to Arnside Knott, a curious flat-topped hill that’s visible for miles around.

We didn’t have time to get up the Knott but we had a good walk along the sea front and back through the village as far as the railway station. After lunch in one of the cafes (the delightfully named Posh Sardine) it had clouded over a little so we pottered in and out of the galleries before completing our errand and heading home again.

Lots of sea air, lots of stunning views across the bay, and we even heard ravens croaking in the trees at the far end of the promenade when we first arrived. It was all quite magical!


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