Six drummers drumming

We had an absolute treat on Thursday evening in the shape of a concert at the Old Laundry Theatre in Bowness by taiko drumming group Mugenkyo.

According to their own website,, the group are the longest established UK taiko drumming ensemble and Europe’s only professional touring company – quite some achievement for a non-native-Japanese group. However, the group’s master Neil Mackie had formal taiko training in Japan and has passed on that knowledge to the other group members.

We’ve seen Mugenkyo a total of six times now, starting quite by accident when they were performing in a trailer at Loughborough market soon after they formed and we happened to be walking past. We were mesmerised by the rhythmic drumming and the way they can get the volumes to rise and fall, and we’ve never lost that captivation.

I can honestly say this was the best concert/performance we’ve seen so far. They’d brought six drummers along (we’ve seen at least one concert where there were only four) so the volumes, levels of energy and weaving of performances were quite incredible. An excellent evening’s entertainment and one we were lucky to catch as they’re still working up to a full touring schedule after the pandemic and this was one of the few concerts they’re giving this year.

We’ll be back for sure!

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