Now with added Mastodon

Much as I love Twitter I’ve been a bit alarmed by all the bad publicity and am half expecting it to vanish in a puff of smoke overnight. It’s taken me several years to build a good following on there and I obviously don’t want to lose all of that, so I’ve set myself up with a Mastodon account as well, just in case.

It’s not quite as intuitive as Twitter and so far I’m still stumbling around in the dark and bumping into the furniture, but it seems friendly and pleasant, and if anyone else is on there (or wants to join) and would like to follow me, you can find me here:

Do come and say hello! See you there!

(pic credit: Wiktionary)



  1. I sent in my application, (to Mastodon) but I might keep the Twitter feed but not be as active on it because I have a bunch of contacts there. Right now Twitter feels like I’m sitting at an outdoor cafe in Paris sipping wine and watching the Nazis march in. (“You don’t even remember Paris.” “Of course I remember Paris. The Nazis wore grey, you wore blue.” —–Casablanca.)

    1. Yeah, same feeling here. I’m not leaving yet because I’d prefer not to, but it seemed sensible to get a toe-hold somewhere just in case it all collapses.

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