New Ghosts Galore Review

There wasn’t time to mention it yesterday, but QueeRomanceInk posted a super new review of Ghosts Galore at their site which totally made my day.

The reviewer described the book as “a well-written short paranormal story with a smattering of spooky moments, humor and a budding romance”, and said she wished she’d read it sooner, having had it on her to-be-read pile for ages.

If you want to read the whole review, you can find it here. And of course, if you fancy reading the book and discovering those spooky moments, or that budding romance, for yourself, you can find that here.

My heartfelt thanks to Maryann, who reviewed the book, and to J Scott Coatsworth for organising it. Between you, you brightened up a cold, foggy November day!


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