Read Around the Rainbow: Writing Plan 2023

First of all, happy new year! I hope it’s a good one (better one?) for all of you.

Secondly, apologies. This blog post was supposed to go live several days ago, to coincide with the rest of the RatR webring gang posting on the last Friday of the month. Sadly, a sudden family bereavement over Christmas meant we had to drop everything and drive to the opposite end of the country to help out, and work took a back seat for a few days. I really wanted to join in, though, so here I am, only *cough* three days late, with my own take on a writing plan for the coming year.

Of course, the title and that last sentence suggest that I actually have a writing plan. More coughing, because I’m rarely anything like that organised. I’m mostly driven by inspiration, and will work on whatever book or story is nagging me most. Plot or characters lodge themselves in my brain and the squeakiest wheel gets the grease, or the keyboard time, until I finish that and start something else. Mostly. Except when I hit a brick wall, or some other plot or set of characters start squawking at me, and I switch to work on a different project.

I’m better than I used to be, and try to finish a project if I’ve started it. And I do have a few goals for 2023 that I’m hoping to reach. First on the list is a new version of Raggle-Taggle Gypsy, a very old story featuring a neurodiverse young man and a gypsy, which I’ve finished editing and am hoping to submit to a publisher one of my friends recommended. If that goes well, I have two or three similar types of story to rewrite, including one set in wartime Liverpool featuring a wounded soldier and the young man he rescues from a beating, and another that takes place during the 1980s miners’ strike. I’d like to try to submit at least one of those during the year.

On top of that, I want to rewrite my old novel Gleams of a Remoter World, which started life as a bi-m/m romance but which would probably work better and appeal to more readers as a straightforward m/m romance. This isn’t quite as easy as just swapping a female character for a male one; there’ll be a lot of juggling, jiggling and rewriting of entire scenes. But I’ve always loved large chunks of that book and its Irish setting, and would love to get it cleaned up and re-published before the end of the year.

On top of that, there’s all the usual marketing, promotion, blog posts, publicity events, get-togethers and so on that every writer has to fit into their schedule. And lastly, I want to keep going with our new-for-last-year online m/m romance magazine RoM/Mantic Reads, which has been growing steadily in popularity and has already featured many gorgeous romantic stories and poems as well as a range of interesting or fun posts.

So, that’s the plan. But of course, knowing me I’ll do virtually none of that and write three more ghost stories instead! If you want to keep up with what I am actually working on, why not sign up to my free monthly newsletter where I always feature the latest news about all my current projects. You can find all the sign-up details here, and if you do subscribe, you’ll get a free story called Monster in the Maze which is a tongue in cheek m/m version of the minotaur legend!

And don’t forget to check out the posts by the other webring members on what books, stories and other surprises they’re planning for the year ahead.

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