Free Valentines story

I know it isn’t quite Valentine’s Day yet, but this month always seems that little bit more romantic as the big day draws close. And what better way to celebrate than with a cute little Valentine’s themed story, which is up today at RoM/Mantic Reads zine, completely free to read. Here’s a little taster…

‘Skinny latte, please.’ He’d noticed his waistline getting saggy lately. Needed to do something about that.

            ‘Coming right up.’

            Not half as much as what I’ve got coming up…  He watched as the barista turned his back, measuring coffee, banging things, squirting hot milk. The guy had nice hands, too, with long deft fingers that made art of the ordinary tasks. Too soon the performance was over, and a steaming mug appeared on the counter.

            ‘Cheers.’ He fished in his pocket for small change, enjoying the pressure on his newly-awakened cock. ‘What do I owe you?’

            ‘Well, the coffee’s two pounds fifty.’ The barista winked. ‘But I wouldn’t mind if you gave me something else.’

Coffee for a Kiss is pure fluff, written a long time ago for a Torquere Press newsletter. Those of you who are signed up to get my own newsletter might recognise it because I sent it out as a freebie this time last year. But for anyone else, I hope you enjoy a little helping of romance with your coffee, as a coffee-shop customer pays for his morning beverage in a somewhat unusual way!


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