‘Run Wild, Run Free’ due out soon!

Great news everyone – I have a new book coming out from JMS Books this coming Saturday, 11th March!

‛Run Wild, Run Free’ is a sweet romance set in a mining village in 1950s England and features Joey, a neuro-diverse young man, and itinerant worker Billy, both ‟outcasts” from society in their own way.

Here’s the blurb. (Apologies in advance if anyone finds the term ‛gypsy’ offensive. It was used extensively in the 1950s and here in the UK it isn’t seen as an insult, and is in fact the title used by one of the main traveller communities to describe themselves.)

Growing up in a 1950s mining village in the English midlands is hard for someone like Joey, who’s known he was different since he was a kid. All he wants to do is run wild on the hills, watching nature and indulging his love of art. All his parents want is for him to settle down: marriage, a home of his own, a steady job down the mine, and not so much as a whiff of art college. But none of that appeals to him.

Everything changes the summer he turns eighteen, when the gypsies come to town. They’re here for the local farmer’s beet harvest, but the villagers resent them and Joe’s Mam won’t even let him speak to them. Dirty, lazy, good-for-nothing layabouts, she calls them. But when Joe meets Billy on the hill behind the village, the man isn’t dirty at all, just good-looking, good-humoured and surprisingly kind. Best of all, Billy shares his love of the natural world.

Unbeknown to his family the two become friends, and then more than friends. But when the farmer’s barn burns down and Joe’s brother Rob puts the blame on Billy, Joe must decide whether to stay loyal to his family, or grow up fast and risk everything he’s familiar with to help the man he’s come to love.

And here’s the gorgeous cover JMS Books have designed for me. We initially struggled to find a model who wasn’t too modern for the 1950s setting (mobile phones, plastic cups of coffee, gah) but this young fella works perfectly – in fact I think I’m just a little in love with him myself!

I’ll be having some fun over at the Small But Mighty M/M Romance group on Facebook on Saturday to celebrate the launch – and will be giving away one copy of the book. Why not pop in and join me so you don’t miss your chance of winning it! Of course I’ll be posting as soon as the book is available with some more details and where you can, um, you know, buy it. 😉 Until then, happy ogling. 😉


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