Little Eve review

I won a signed copy of this book in a Twitter contest run by The Writing Haunt, a wonderful writers retreat set in the Welsh countryside. Normally I never win things, but I'm delighted to have made an exception this time because it introduced me to a truly fantastic new author that I hadn't come... Continue Reading →


The Magician’s Assistant review

This book was a lucky charity shop find. I'd never read anything by Ann Patchett before, but I fell in love with the rabbit on the cover, and liked the sound of the blurb. I very nearly gave up on it after the first few pages (the idea of someone being allowed in to hold... Continue Reading →

Hanging out with a hippo

Not a real one, obviously. This is the wonderful Haphazardous Hippo, who runs a book blog and has rather foolishly given me free run of the place this weekend! In other words, she interviewed me recently and has posted the results on her blog today. The questions were great fun, so head on over to... Continue Reading →

Birthday treat

Not my birthday, but my publisher Fox Spirit Books are celebrating their anniversary with a grand birthday sale. And the great news is that Got Ghosts? is included. So if you haven't got around to buying yourself a copy, now's your chance, because there's a whopping 25% off it for the rest of the month.... Continue Reading →

Brief encounters at Carnforth

This morning we headed to Carnforth, mostly to go and see someone about some paving, but the parking charges in the town are now so steep we decided to stick around, make the most of it and visit the Railway Heritage Centre as well. As you might expect, this is based at the station, and... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Favourite book covers

A friend tagged me on Facebook recently to do the 'book cover challenge' (seven days, seven book covers that you love or that mean something to you). I took her up on it, and in the process re-discovered some old favourites I'd almost forgotten about. I quite often choose books based on the cover, so... Continue Reading →

Ghosts, more ghosts and the Mona Lisa

Now here's an interview with a difference - blogger Lacey Dearie, who runs the Rock Paper Spirit blog, asked me a bunch of questions while I, er, showed her round Greystones Hall, the setting for Got Ghosts?. Naturally she bumped into some of the hall's many ghostly inhabitants, with some unfortunate consequences (I'm told the... Continue Reading →

Digital ghosts

My ghostly romp Got Ghosts? has been available as a paperback for around 18 months now - and a very nice paperback it is too. Beautifully produced by Fox Spirit Books with great attention to detail and a cover design to die for. Well, not literally, of course, although you could argue that the ghosts... Continue Reading →

The Shadows Call review

These days the good old fashioned ghost story seems a bit overlooked, so it's always nice to find new examples, especially by well-thought of authors. And The Shadows Call is a great example of the genre. Penned by Matt Hilton, who's better known for his Lee-Child-style thrillers but who loves a good paranormal yarn, it's... Continue Reading →

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