Two get hailed on in Keswick

We'd booked to go on a 'dark skies' event in Keswick on Saturday but it was cancelled on the day due to the terrible weather, flooding and state of the roads. We decided to hit the town anyway as it's a while since we last went and it's a good place for a mooch round... Continue Reading →

Ahead of the storm… again

But less successfully this time. Last weekend we managed a nice walk in Ambleside before Storm Ciara hit. This weekend we knew Storm Dennis was on the way so drove to Glenridding, hoping to stagger up to Greenside mine for a leg-stretch. The drive over was spectacular with snow on the fells, the Kirkstone Pass... Continue Reading →

A walk before the storm

The news has been full of dire reports of Storm Ciara for the last few days. We knew the main storm was due to hit on Sunday, so yesterday (Saturday) we popped out for some fresh air in case we're stuck indoors later. We had a few errands to run in Ambleside so sorted those... Continue Reading →

The Seathwaite Dam Riot

I only found out about this riot, which happened in 1904, recently, thanks to this informative blog post from Lakeland Tales and Histories. Apparently it all started when some navvies employed on constructing the dam across Seathwaite Tarn to provide drinking water for Barrow in Furness were denied drinks in the local pub. They went... Continue Reading →

Two have a wintry walk

After about a week of stormy weather it suddenly cleared yesterday and although it was really nippy, we took advantage of the break to have a mooch round Waterhead. There was still quite a lot of snow on the fells, mist over the lake and a crisp frost on the surrounding fields, and it was... Continue Reading →

The Wainwright treasure hunt

I've always loved the Wainwright guides to the Lake District. My dad had the entire set and used them frequently to plot walks around the area, and as a kid I enjoyed poring over the maps and occasional sketches of sheep. As an adult that love has continued, and I've also discovered a rich vein... Continue Reading →

Weird museum exhibits #1: dodo

I was chatting to a friend on Twitter about the strange things we'd seen and loved in small local museums. These museums are often a treasure trove of eclectic, unusual, and downright bonkers exhibits, and I thought it might be fun to run an occasional blog series about some of the ones I've seen. First... Continue Reading →

Tea and Lakes

Talk about 'these are a few of my favourite things' - this article in the Manchester Evening News has two of them right there. Afternoon tea, and the Lake District. In other words, a list of great places to have tea in the Lakes. There's a good mix of different types of venues on there.... Continue Reading →

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