A really wet day out

The Lake District had over 8 inches of rain on Sunday. Yes, you really did read that right - 8 whole inches of water fell in a relentless torrent for just over 24 hours. Luckily, this time, there was no flooding, but it still left everywhere rather sodden. By Monday it had sort of stopped,... Continue Reading →

Rather damp day out

Our third trip out courtesy of the National Trust pre-booking system, and this time we chose Fell Foot Park. It's a relatively short drive from home and set on the shores of Windermere with nice walks in lovely scenery. I last visited in about 1990 and Dave had never been, so it was the perfect... Continue Reading →

Slightly less grand day out

On Sunday we managed to get tickets for another National Trust "property", Aira Force. This is a magnificent waterfall in a gorge near Ullswater. We've been many times before and it's always lovely scrambling through the woodland to the falls, so once again we made up a packed lunch and thermos flasks and headed north.... Continue Reading →

A grand day out

Lockdown here in England is slowly easing, and on Monday we were able to have our first proper trip out for many weeks. We had the National Trust to thank for this, as they're starting to re-open some of their parks and gardens on a pre-booked tickets only basis. We got tickets for our nearest... Continue Reading →

The Thorough Guide

All my walks are, by default, around the local area at the moment. Even living in such a lovely area it can get a little dull - but it's forcing me to look at interesting features more closely rather than scurrying past. And sometimes, it's worth taking that closer look. Take this little clock tower,... Continue Reading →

Hoop petticoats

I first came across miniature - or 'hoop petticoat' - daffodils as a small child, in the Alpine Gardens at Grange-over-Sands, and fell in love with them instantly. They were tiny, delicate yet vibrant, and so very different from the larger, in-your-face daffs we had in our garden at home. Sadly, the Alpine Gardens are... Continue Reading →

Streams large and small…

One of the things I love about Windermere is the sheer number of streams that wriggle their way down through the streets to the lake shores below. One or two are large enough to have names - Wynlass Beck to the north of Windermere and Mill Beck which forms the boundary between neighbouring parishes in... Continue Reading →

A lake on the doorstep

Although the lockdown is irritating, we're incredibly lucky to live where we do, with walks to open countryside from the doorstep and England's largest lake only a 10 minute stroll away. This morning I walked down to Bowness - which was quieter than I'd ever seen it before - and took a few photos of... Continue Reading →

Two go… nowhere much

Regular readers will have noticed a lack of my usual 'two go to' type posts lately. Thanks to the Coronavirus, we're following government advice to stay put, only venturing out for a quick walk round the local streets once a day. So there are no more excursions for the time being. I'll still try to... Continue Reading →

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