Buried treasure

Our next door neighbour has been digging out a new flower bed in his very pretty cottage garden. His house used to be a warehouse and stables before it was converted to a dwelling, and it’s obvious that his garden must have been the junk heap judging by the things he’s been discovering. These included … More Buried treasure

Happy/ier 2021

We had snow overnight last night, which has given the frogs on the birdbath little snowy hats, but it’s bitterly cold out and to add to our woes, Cumbria has been placed in Tier 4 of the Covid regulations which means no more trips out, anywhere, for the foreseeable future. All I can do is … More Happy/ier 2021

Secret gardens

There’s a nice little piece in the back of the current Radio Times listing some of the locations used to film the new movie version of The Secret Garden (premiering on Sky Cinema tonight). The list is surprisingly long; presumably the film makers couldn’t find all the elements they needed in one garden and had … More Secret gardens