Two go exploring in a garden

Does anyone else do that thing of driving past places every few days, and saying 'we really must go there' - but you never actually do? Well, we've had a few of those on our list, and yesterday we decided to cross one off. The good weather had got to Cumbria at last. It was [...]


Not quite the Good Life

I'm feeling oddly proud at the moment because I've harvested and cooked my first ever crop of home-grown potatoes. As you can see, it wasn't exactly self-sufficiency - there were ten altogether - but it's not bad for one small leftover spud stuffed into a pot on the patio.  And they were delicious.

Friday Five – garden mysteries

I'm a sucker for any kind of mystery and I love gardens and gardening, so it stands to reason I would seek out books with a bit of both.  I've read a few over the years; here's a selection of some of them: Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce Still one of my favourite books [...]