A house fit for murder?!

Not really, of course. I'm talking about Greenway House in Devon, which was the summer home of 'queen' of crime writing Agatha Christie and where she wrote some of her books, set at least one murder scene, and no doubt got inspiration for plenty more. We visited a few weeks ago. I'd never been before,... Continue Reading →


I wandered lonely as a daffodil…

...straight to the Spring Flower Show at Ambleside. This has been on our "Really Must Do One Day" list for several years but we've never quite made it. This morning we had a few hours to spare so wandered over, had a coffee at the wonderful Mr H's (Follow the Pig) and then found the... Continue Reading →

Two cool off in a garden

We're in the middle of a long-lasting and unusual heatwave here. There's been no rain at all for over three weeks now, and temperatures have been around 26c for at least 15 consecutive days. That might not sound like much but believe me, it's almost unheard of for Cumbria, where the weather often changes every... Continue Reading →

Two go exploring in a garden

Does anyone else do that thing of driving past places every few days, and saying 'we really must go there' - but you never actually do? Well, we've had a few of those on our list, and yesterday we decided to cross one off. The good weather had got to Cumbria at last. It was... Continue Reading →

Not quite the Good Life

I'm feeling oddly proud at the moment because I've harvested and cooked my first ever crop of home-grown potatoes. As you can see, it wasn't exactly self-sufficiency - there were ten altogether - but it's not bad for one small leftover spud stuffed into a pot on the patio.  And they were delicious.

Going crazy about paving

When we first moved into this house we didn't really have a front garden - just some slate crazy paving that covered the whole area, plus one small laurel bush in a little bed of its own in the middle. The bush died in our first, very harsh, winter, when temperatures got as low as... Continue Reading →

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